Best programmers are Lazy and Dumb Because …..

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I have been doing programming for 17 years and during such a long time period I have met many people who are into same profession. Some are very enthusiastic and claim that they are the best. While on the other hand some people think that they don’t know much and they have to learn many things. I believe that latter are better.  I have found that almost 80 to 90% so called programmers say that they are the programmers but in reality they do copy-paste. This habit of copying and pasting in long run become a vulnerability point of application because the code scrap is never evaluated and nor it is being criticized by the person who is using it because these type of programmers think they are too smart.

In my opinion a dumb or a lazy person is a best programmer because of following reasons:

  1. A lazy person always try to avoid long manual jobs and try to find an automated solution.
  2. A lazy/dumb person always criticize his/her own written code and try to find to upgrade or refactoring it.
  3. A dumb person never accept anything until he/she get the answer of his/her “why” and “how”.

So like the terms “Lazy Loading” in programming improve performance of overall system by utilizing least of available resources likewise a “Lazy Programmer” will also give best production in less time provided you understand his/her technical bent of mind.

Finally, remember the mantra if you are a programmer “If any task is taking your time more than normal then it means there is something that you do not know”.