Points to ponder before you start building your web site

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Online presence is becoming a prime need of every single business due of growing competition everywhere. Here sharing few important points that you should consider before taking a decision to create your website or web presence.

Objective and Message via website: Every web visitor comes with a specific concern he/she has in mind. Therefore, you must have your contents on every single page of website in a manner that can describe itself in a most efficient way, if possible. You must understand that everyone is busy and so it becomes important that your information on your website should be straight forward and easy to read and understand. Think for attractive headlines and bulleted points.

Aesthetic and the way human brain visualize: Robots don’t give you business. Getting a business and recognition from website becomes easy if you understand how human brain capture the things in one shot. Give a thought to “Font Family”, “Foreground and Background color” and “Images”.

You must have noticed that Arial and Verdana are easy to read on browser. Instead going for decorative fonts go for Google Modern fonts or Sans Serif font.

Choosing the color combination becomes very tricky for most of the users. Make a search for “Color combos” on Google and you will get color combinations. Stick to one set of color instead going for many. Remember, colors maintain balance and harmony of your page. Pictorial representation is always better than words. Recall the old school days time when a diagram used to be important to get good marks. The same logic still works. If you don’t have high quality professional photo available with you try to go for paid premium photos that you can buy online image banks, e.g. ShutterStock.

Responsive Design: Responsive design means that your site is compatible on multiple view ports like Mobile, Table and Desktop. Not only it is compatible but also adjust its layout and design that best fit on a particular device, say if you are opening a site on mobile you generally make use of your thumb to scroll up and down the site. No one these days like to use horizontal bar of the window.

Load Time: As I mentioned above that everyone is busy. No one will wait for your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So make sure you hire a good web designer/developer who not only has good knowledge but one should also understand business. There are very few developers/designers available who has business sense. Right choice always gives best result.