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Database Development from Expert DBAs

A Database development is the core of almost every application. Database provides support to customer services, internal processes, sales and marketing. Therefore, while developing database an expert DBA always ensure for high quality and performance. Behind Methods have a pool of certified specialists with solid and profound knowledge of database technologies.

We assist with all aspects of the database development viz:

  • Data modeling to set up a standard about the specific needs of the organization.
  • Distinguishing the types of data to be collected and analyzed.
  • Conceptual, logical, and physical design modeling to develop an effective information architecture.
  • Determining the ideal RDBMS for your organization’s specific needs.
  • Execution and stringent testing of the newly designed database.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, tuning and automation to ensure efficient and effective processes throughout the life cycle of the database.
  • Apply best practices to all aspects of planning, development, deployment, and security.

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What Makes a Great Database Solution?

Over nearly a decade, we have developed good certainty about what makes for great database solutions. As a result we believe that any great database management solution will have the following attributes:

Easy to Use

We aim to design an application that meets the best of its design and that is easy to use. Hence, when we do database development we make sure it meets all ACID properties of a solid database development.


A database should be well indexed and optimized. As a result an application connected with it needn't wait for fetching information. Therefore, we make sure that our database development team follow the standards of designing a typical database solution. Consequently,  the applications or websites we do at Behind Methods become super responsive.


First of all the information is the most crucial part of any database solution. Hence, we aim to provide secure data access with role based privileges. Securing your data is a top priority for us and we take this topic very seriously.


A database application has a sole purpose to protect the information it stores. A database application must maintain the quality of data it stores. Therefore, we make sure that database should not store any redundant information. In this regard we give dual care when we do database indexing and constraints.

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